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Wave is Europe’s largest student-run VC helping the most exceptional Nordic Gen Z founders to change the world by backing them earlier than anyone else


Why (is this so exciting)?

Inspired by the recent success stories of young Nordic founders, more and more students see building a startup as the best and most meaningful way to have an impact and change the world

With our second fund, we are giving 25-30 Gen Z teams the opportunity to change the world and have a part in building the next wave of Nordic Gen Z unicorns

Are you a future founder with some heavy world-changing aspirations? We are always excited to chat!




Finland & Sweden

Fund size

1,5M€ + 2M€


6 students

Area focus


Stage focus


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Helsinki, Finland

Erik Kymäläinen
Lauri Lahtinen
Investment Manager
Helmi Puustinen
Investment Manager
Aleksi Päkkilä
Investment Manager
Antonia Eneh
Investment Manager
Joona Puro
Investment Manager
Zechen Ma
Investment Manager
Emma Kettunen
Marketing & Communications Manager

Stockholm, Sweden

Bror Nordström
Investment Manager
Elis Hodzic
Investment Manager

c. — Wave II – the next Nordic Gen Z unicorns


The smartest way to buy sustainable plastics

Combating antibiotic resistance with genome analytics

Global tech talent resourcing platform for the automotive industry

Learn languages with an AI tutor

Future property management enhanced by artificial intelligence

Electrification of industrial heat production made easy

The easiest way to save on your electricity bill

The modern, data-driven way of conducting job interviews

Revolutionzing journalism with local audio

The smart ring

Advanced analytics for LLM applications

Revolutionizing fashion with curated second-hand

Find companies 10x faster with AI

Low-cost, zero-carbon industrial heat

Luxury made affordable

A connected community of creators & discoverers

The next generation social sports platform

Your next unicorn?


Your next unicorn?

Aspiring to be the next Gen Z unicorn from the Nordics?

Have a solid idea but you're unsure what’s the best way to get started?

Shoot us an e-mail! We’re always happy to help!


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Erik Kymäläinen

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Would you like to join us?

Wave Ventures was founded by a mix of students to maximize many things - both for ourselves and for others.

For ourselves, setting up a VC fund and running it would provide an incomparable chance to learn, help others and encourage audacity in anybody we would meet. At the same time, founding the first student-run VC fund in the Nordics was a manifestation of our willingness to make the path instead of taking an existing one.

We want to create the same opportunity for the most intensely curious of our peers, and thus the management responsibility of our fund will be passed on the to the next team regularly, but gradually, creating a continuity for years to come.

To carry this out, we are now in search of new team members to continue the journey of building the next big things.

If you are a university student with passion for entrepreneurship and tech startups, drive for helping others while learning radically fast, and interest towards the world of venture capital, Wave Ventures might be what you’re looking for.

If interested, send us an application to team@wave.ventures with:

  • Max. 150 words about your motivations to work alongside entrepreneurs and in VC
  • An up to date CV or link to LinkedIn profile
  • Possible start date and availability in the upcoming year(s)
  • <

d. — Wave I – millenial ventures tackling problems of our generation


The re-stored carbon company

We convert CO₂ from plants into stable carbon and lock it away for 1,000 years

Creating the best home selling experience

Making bone surgery safe

Influencer Marketing at Scale

Defining chat games

Reshaping how we consume fashion

Sustainable routines for balance and high performance

Insurance claims simplified

The world's first sneaker made from coffee

Battling global warming by reducing methane emissions from cows

Sustainability simplified

Gen Z group messaging app

Spotify changed the way we listen to music, Starmony changes the way we create music

Share-to-earn decentralised social platform

Creating the future of digital healthcare

100% cooler than having 0 battery

Like seafood but harmless

The healthiest RAW pet food


Carbo Culture changes the way we source high-value carbon products

Carbo Culture upcycles methane-emitting waste into high-value charcoal in a carbon negative way. The patented technology carbonizes versatile biomass, captures more carbon and gives higher yields in mass, resulting in a cleaner and more efficient process for making charcoal and carbon products.

The locally sourced product solves issues of farmers and industries who use charcoal by making a higher quality, locally sourced, value adding product.

Carbo Culture wants to make a permanent change in how carbon materials are sourced on this planet, making the trade more efficient, sustainable, transparent and scientific.

Company founded


Wave of money in



Pia Henrietta Kekäläinen

The Web

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To get you started in building the future, here's something we've found useful while getting to know the wonderful world of startups and venture capital.


Most of these resources can be freely found on the internet. We figured to gather the most valuable content into one place with the hope that it will benefit more people than just the few who already know about it.



To start or not to start?


Material to help your thinking.

Ok, so you'll start.


How the heck to design, inspire, lead and manage?

Here's a little something, too.


Legal documents, pitch decks, templates & other goodies.



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Meet Our Advisor: Ilkka Kivimäki on Early-Stage Investing and the Future of the Nordic Ecosystem


Learning by raising: How to start a VC fund with next to no experience

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