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We believe that supporting unconventional minds is the key to crafting a better next generation.

That’s why we help the earliest stage startups to climb their first peak.

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Helsinki, Finland

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Creating the best home selling experience

Changing the way we source high-quality carbon products

Making bone surgery safe

Defining chat games

Your next unicorn you don't know about?


Blok creates the best home selling experience

Blok automates home sales with a streamlined web service that empowers home owners to sell their home themselves and renders traditional realtors redundant.

Instead of paying costly commissions (avg. 2-4%) to real estate agents or going through the hassle of selling the apartment themselves (avg. 50h+), Blok provides a new, cost-effective alternative, for home owners.

Blok aims to revolutionize the Nordic housing market within the next few years by bringing new types of services to the market that utilize advanced automation and artificial intelligence.

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Rudi Skogman

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Carbo Culture changes the way we source high-value carbon products

Carbo Culture upcycles methane-emitting waste into high-value charcoal in a carbon negative way. The patented technology carbonizes versatile biomass, captures more carbon and gives higher yields in mass, resulting in a cleaner and more efficient process for making charcoal and carbon products.

The locally sourced product solves issues of farmers and industries who use charcoal by making a higher quality, locally sourced, value adding product.

Carbo Culture wants to make a permanent change in how carbon materials are sourced on this planet, making the trade more efficient, sustainable, transparent and scientific.

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Pia Henrietta Kekäläinen

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Surgify makes bone surgery safer

In many fields of surgery and dentistry, bone has to be cut or removed without damaging the proximal soft structures. Surgify develops new solutions to protect these structures and prevent associated complications.

Bleeding, infections and nerve injuries are some of the complications that can severely affect a patients quality of life. Surgify technology improves the safety, speed and precision of bone surgery to minimize these risks.

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Visa Sippola

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Quicksave defines chat games

Quicksave makes quality games that fit well in the social and quick-paced chat environment. The games enable people to have fun together while chatting.

The team consists of veteran game developers from Finland that have worked with multiple platforms including consoles, PC, mobile, but have specialized since 2015 to build on the new emerging platform of messaging.

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Elina Arponen

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To get you started in building the future, here's something we've found useful while getting to know the wonderful world of startups and venture capital.


Most of these resources can be freely found on the internet. We figured to gather the most valuable content into one place with the hope that it will benefit more people than just the few who already know about it.


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